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Off the Beaten Path: An Epic Musical

I have been cast in several online Zoom-based readings of a new musical, entitled "Off the Beaten Path," written by Tory Doctor, music by Nicholas Rhodes. It's part of the Greater Companions Trilogy and was inspired by Dungeons & Dragons and many other fandoms. It's a choose-your-own-adventure kind of show where the audience affects the outcome - and it has been a real joy to be a small part of it's development so far. For more information, follow their Facebook page HERE for updated reading information and more info! 

Voices of Liberty - from Home!

I am a current, albeit furloughed, full-time member of the Voices of Liberty with Walt Disney World, and I had the privilege of performing with my other full-time colleagues in a #VoicesFromHome video recently! Click HERE for a friendly video from all of us!

Quarantine Concerts!

As my husband and I began our "Shelter in Place" on March 16th, we kicked it off with a concert from home, performing as our renaissance faire act, Rowan and the Rose! To see past performances, and to receive notifications of our upcoming shows, please go like and follow our Facebook page HERE or find us on Instagram @rowanandtherose! Huzzah! 

Up Next: The Rowans narrate an AUDIOBOOK!

That's right... BOTH Rowans are narrating this time around! It will be available on Audible for purchase after it's been completed, mixed, mastered, and approved by the author. We'll be sure to update you! In the meantime... go check out my husband's narration work HERE!