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Gigolo: A New Cole Porter Revue

"...a top notch cast... but Kelly Morris Rowan scores the biggest hit of the night with her shimmying rendition of “The Physician,” a lament about how her doctor loves her internal organs more than herself."

 -- Matt Palm, Orlando Sentinel 


The third killer ingredient is the cast.... a first-rate group of singers, dancers and comedians. Kelly Morris Rowan always looks like she’s one step away from strangling the mischievous gigolo."

 -- Michael Freeman, Freeline Media Orlando

Showtune: The Music of Jerry Herman

"Kelly Morris Rowan sparkles as brilliantly as her rhinestone necklace as she beautifully soars through 11 o'clock numbers such as 'I Am What I Am' and 'Time Heals Everything.' "

 -- Matt Palm, Orlando Sentinel

...Kelly Morris Rowan, sang ..."Time Heals Everything" from MACK & MABEL. This is the ultimate break up song and Rowan's interpretation tore at those heart strings."

 -- Kimberly Moy, Broadway World Orlando

One of my favorite moments in this show was the delight of watching Priscilla Bagley and Kelly Morris Rowan perform the backstabbing comedic song “Bosom Buddies” (from “Mame”)

 -- Michael Freeman, Freeline Media

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