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Videos of Kelly

It Takes Two: My Journey into Twin Motherhood

Written in the first months of parenthood, and performed at 5 months postpartum in September of 2021, join Kelly for a hour of songs and stories about her recent journey into becoming the mother of twin boys! Debuted and filmed at Winter Park Playhouse in Winter Park, FL. Accompanied by Christopher Leavy on piano.

Kelly sings "Come On a My House"


Performing as part of a Christmas Cabaret series at Don't Tell Mama Piano Bar in NYC - Kelly sings the story of her boyfriend moving in with her. Recorded in 2011 with Rick Jensen on piano. Directed by Lina Koutrakos.



Blackmore's Night 2013
"Dancer and the Moon"


Prepare your eyes and ears as you watch this video of epic renaissance/fantasy/rock proportions... Candice Night takes lead vocals as Kelly Morris can be seen in the background on harmony vocals, irish whistle and a very enthusiastic fist bump!

Rowan & the Rose

Rowan & the Rose is a musical duo composed of Kelly and her husband Arthur Rowan. Watch this video to enjoy the merriment, the music, and the adorable level of geek that they bring to those around them. 


Do You Want To Kill A Zombie?

Musical Theatre/Parody: Kelly sings to her husband's original parody of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman." Enjoy Kelly's vocals in this delightfully morbid twist on the tune hummed by children everywhere...

Classical Voice: Kelly sings the soprano aria "Je Veux Vivre"

Folk Music:  Kelly sings "Maid on the Shore" (with Arthur Rowan) from her act Rowan and the Rose

Children's Music: "Milk Makes Me Strong" - original music and lyrics by Kelly Morris Rowan (recorded in 2009)

French Horn: You read that correctly. K-Ro plays the horn too - and used to play at a professional level! This is an excerpt of Kelly playing the opening of the first movement and the entirety of the third movement from R. Strauss' Horn Concerto No. 1. 

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